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Karen Joy Fowler’s Booth

A Civil War historical fiction about Lincoln’s assassination told through a family saga lens, outlining the many Booth actors in the generation that made one brother infamous while resonating without naming the divides of our current political culture. Junius...

Montessori is a Social Justice Curriculum

With everything happening in the classroom and in the world, I’m reminded of the words of Maria Montessori: Averting war is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of education (Educaiton For Peace, p. 24). History starts from a couple standpoints in...

Cat Rambo, Helene Tursten

A search for cozy mysteries became a week of crime with retirees. TLDR: So funny! Read this serial killer novel. An octogenarian, hard of hearing and often stooped over, finally has the life she wanted. She lives in a large apartment rent-free, travels public...

Hello World

Over the 2020-2022 period when we sequestered ourselves, I lost track of my online presence. Those who could text me were my world, but now I’m realizing that the broader world was fun to interact with. Of course, we’re also losing Twitter, so I’ve...


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