There are many different things we do during the week or month. Some are actively chosen, some are happenstance when we go with the flow, and some are habit. Something else happens when you are acted upon. What about when another person’s habit acts upon you, and you have to go through your life responding or reacting to the habits of others. Among the many things that happen is exhaustion.

I was fortunate enough to visit the AMS Traveling Symposium today and to hear Amira Mogaji talk about the differences between Critical Race Theory and Culturally Responsive Teaching.

Arguably, both are very important, but CRT is not a curriculum, rather it’s an acknowledgement of the systems that support racism and the way those systems are woven into daily life. On the other hand, Culturally Responsive Teaching means to support all children knowing they each have their own culture and backgrounds and families that they are coming from.

My notes from this talk include so many important resources and notes. What it also did was mix in my mind with Gay Ward’s talk about action research. I started thinking about Popov’s virtues and the way that they can be employed to support all children better.

My next step is to read more, examine my own biases, and to actively work to deconstruct stereotypes. This not new. This is a re-commitment.

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