i admit it. We mixed worlds a little in the final month of library classes. I structured our curriculum to cover the final four classes of the year, and we dug into a topic close to my heart. We did a series of library classes about the parts of fiction stories.

We started with the three act plot structure and compared this type of storytelling to many of the fairy tales we’d read in our fairy tale unit. In the older classes we started talking about how the three act structure applied to books they read outside the library. Harry Potter and Ivy and Bean came up often when they thought through the way stories are told.Kari Ann taught a library class series on story writing.

Once we established we could follow the plot, older classes, say 3rd graders and higher, broke down the story writing more. We talked about the Newbery books we had read and if they follow this same structure. Are there small incidents that we see that increase tension before the big battle or “exciting ending?” We talked about the character arc in sixth grade; sometimes the battle is entirely internal.

As this was our last few meetings, we also used a few worksheets and, in the grand finale, we wrote  a comic strip, adding our fiction story writing to the previous month’s comic book and graphic novel discussion.

Sometimes all it takes to motivate a reader is to let them be the creator.