Kari Ann has other things to doI want to look at a week’s potential energy the way we used to see a ball just before it’s dropped way back in physics class: this energy can happen. I don’t want to write off a day or a week before it even starts. That said, some weeks you have to write off. This little one is my son. He’s about to have surgery and is in his space shuttle onsie, just filling out the doctor’s surgery day plan worksheet like a champ. i don’t want to say that the last week and a half was doomed before it started, but when I looked at the week on Monday, I saw I could only write and edit at night. And then the little man had a reaction to the meds he was given after surgery and the week went to Hades on a bobsled. He was up every 45 minutes to an hour for over a week, and that meant so was I.

I tried to write, but the short, unexpected bursts of time and the emotional exhaustion of holding this child while he cried about his pain and nothing more than acetaminophen could be done created a big creativity and productivity debt. I’m not ashamed.

In this case, I kept up my work-brain by listening to Joanna Penn’s podcasts about productivity and giving yourself a break. I’m telling myself this with all my voice and soul. To keep up I reread Steven King’s On Writing and I finally gave myself permission to stop editing and read Joanna Penn’s Successful Author Mindset, which is as much about prepping yourself for longevity and allowing yourselves breaks as it is about accepting rejection and keeping your butt-in-seat-time sacred.

In other news, another day another two rejections. It should not bother me and I’ll edit and keep going forward. This is part of the process and I’m happy to have the opportunity to be in this line of work. Someday I will improve enough and find the right idea to meet the market’s needs at the moment.

I also started putting honey instead of sugar in my chai. I found this, the honey I usually get from the local store on Amazon and am sold. Honestly, I’m not one for schilling non-writing related products, but I’m loving his.