You might ask where’s the writing? Honestly, it’s in my head. I know what changes need to happen to things that I’ve written, and I’m doing a tremendous amount of reading. Everyone who writes needs to read…And the more I read, the more I wanted to share and write. It’s a wonderful circle. Reading and writing. To share, I needed a better positin in the school.

In 2016 I started taking classes at the local college. I liked them very much, so I entered a grad program. Through 2017 the schools didn’t know I was enrolled simultaneously.  Things went well. I got the degree, the certification with the state to teach Early Childhood schools everywhere. It’s a fabulous program, by the way. Learning to interact with children and really hear them through all their stages gave me an opportunity to provide stories and work that molded the sparks of creativity and curiosity in each child. But I wanted to do more.

By the end of 2018, I had enrolled in a teaching certification masters. Online, at my own pace. It was awesome. I flew through. By the time I had only my student teaching and EdTPA left, I freaked out that I wouldn’t be teaching library until I completed my library endorsement. So here I am today, writing my lesson plans for the EdTPA and taking Ethics and Legal Considerations in the School Library at another college, only one class away from the endorsement. 

I’m not writing books. But I am editing short stories from previous writing experiences. An amazing voice actress is reading them into mp3 posterity. I’m saving for a cover artist as I write this. This exhilaration  remains marred by my extreme terror of not completing high-stakes testing with high scores. Oh, and the concern that I might get my first B in librarianship.

When this is over, I can share stories. I can share them in so many ways. I’ll even ramp up to my new job and get into a groove to publish the ever-illusive Asteroid Miner Stories I started writing in 2012.