“Ch-cha-cha changes!”
David Bowie wrote this song about a transitional time of life. Not unexpected. However, he was talking about artistic as well as professional and personal changes. His wife was pregnant, he was redefining himself from singer to artist, adding keyboards to his music, and transforming his public persona.

You may have noticed transitions happening in the writing world around us. Women and destroying genres left and right for Lightspeed in reaction to criticism that, well, women are wrecking those genres.

A new-fangled second wind in ePublishing has brought traditional writers to the self-publishing realm, maybe giving some long-overdue legitimacy to do-it-yourself literature. Don’t like what’s out there? Write your own novels. Thank you, we will. Thanks to SFWA accepting self-published writers who meet professional criteria, many people out there are following up with these novels.

We’ve seen the old joke about the aspiring actress waiting tables. Now it’s the writing community as well. An entire generation of writers is keeping day jobs, sometimes three day jobs, to ‘make it’ in the writing world. And they aren’t only of one generation, they are simply competing for the same jobs and offering to edit one another’s work on their way to the acme of the writing community.

For myself, I’ve split my attention. I strive for legitimacy, but at the same time, I don’t crave your consent to feel that I’m a writer. I put in the time, I send the queries. I’m a writer. End story.

I’m working to meet the criteria that will call me a card-carrying author, but my book’s been taught in a high school. To date, I’m happy with the results and steep-ling my fingers, searching out odd moments to work between my other jobs. Pur-al.

Like a real writer.

As a writer.