Kari Ann Ramadorai

My passions are books, research, and sharing hands-on lessons. Using my abilities to their fullest and running all-out on my latest reading and writing passion fills my life. I bring the youngest learners a love for literature and science. I’m a science fiction and fantasy writer and an early childhood specialist who focuses on all aspects of media curriculum. Like so many in this decade, I wear a lot of hats. Some are fancy, some exotic-looking and covered in science paraphernalia for the classroom, others have barn dust from my home-life caring for horses and other critters.

Science and science fiction

Communicating science can change the world. We’re bringing the concept of possibilities and how to evaluate experiences and content to those who have not experienced something before that interaction. Teaching critical thinking and scientific process to children will bring a new generation of thinkers into our work force. Using science fiction and popular entertainment as medium to communicate philosophical arguments without bias and key scientific concepts will better inform our population. For generations science fiction has been a medium to communication real science and social issues with open minds.

Library Media Specilization

Looking at the available media in the Early Childhood library from a child-centric point of view changes your organization priorities. Dewey lite classification helps children and busy teachers. Teachers need curriculum-filling information and for their librarian to have a list of go-to, inclusive stories for life-lessons, too, not to mention a fact-based sicence section with hands-on lessons for the children.

Education Blog

Sharing my lessons, thoughts, and experiences with the Education world because we build leaders, scientists, and other free thinkers early with our guidance. I work part time as the school librarian and media specialist, so look forward to resources for curriculum and social and emotional development.

The Library

My blog about library lessons and books I’ve been reading for the pre-K through 12 crowd. in the library. When I suggest a book or feature it on my blog, that is a book that I’ve used and believe in. Keeping current keeps up my skills as a librarian and sharing is caring. Let’s explore literature, media, and learning strategies together.

Writing Blog

Updates and musings on my fictional life and work. Learn with me as I explore writing and try new courses and programs to perfect my fiction writing skills.  Exploring science fiction, editing, musing about effective methods, and mechanics, sometimes thoughts can be shared in print! Also the news on current projects and being a part-time indie author. 

I’m a writer and Early Childhood Education specialist Kari Ann Ramadorai. My fiction bring together the science I love and faerie tales. I’m also an early childhood-specializing school librarian who spends her days reading children’s fiction and designing curriculum. I love reading and sharing my finds and lessons almost as much as I love researching science and technology and then putting characters into awkward situations with it. Check out the blog for more information, or the shop for my work and recommended children’s reading.

Moving forward

Today is lovely. The sun shines, the sky offers blue instead of clouds. Roses are blooming. Today I got two rejections. Which one do you think I focused on while walking? Neither, really. It's the stories I thought about. The stories have to move forward. The people...

Winding down

Teaching these Kindergartners and primary students has been a pleasure. I've learned so much from them and we've had fun all around. The yearbook has pictures of dancing, singing, field trips to the public library, and a couple of plays we put on as part of our class....

Hard Reading

The Hate You Give by Angie Tomas and Kekla Magoon's How It Went Down are two hard reads, but they are necessary to the current conversation around black children and where they see themselves. These are two books that help those in more physically comfortable...

Raising Readers

I'm going to write more on this later, but I firmly believe that finding the way to help a child love reading is about knowing the child. When we get to learn their internal motivations and what excites them, we'll be able to find the book that gives them access to...

Poetry Month

This poetry month we examined how the children identify poems. We also established the title, verse, and importance of the words chosen. We didn't have enough time to explore much more, but we did compare some very formal poems with a few Shel Silverstein pieces. My...

Library update

A quick update before I head out for the weekend: The world is a big place, and sometimes it's hard to wrap our heads around the differences people on this single planet experience in a day. It's spring in North America, but fall in South America and Africa. We...

Tough Reads

Sometimes we have to read the hard things to really appreciate the lives of others. Sometimes the hard-to-read books help us understand ourselves better. Take the time to read something you've never experienced before. You'll be surprised by what you learn. I'm going...

Kari Ann Ramadorai

Kari Ann Ramadorai


Kari Ann Ramadorai got her Masters of Science in Early Childhood education, and has been writing fiction since 2012. She’s looking to expand teacher content knowledge through sharing her own experiences and lesson plans and to wow you with some SFF writing.

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In order to provide as comprehensive an experience as possible, I’ve started a store with games and books that I actually use an play on Aerobook. This is a publisher’s webstore affiliate that avoids Amazon and provides you with exactly the books and games that I’ve used in my lesson plans and blog. Thank you for your support when you visit.
I hope you find the lessons, ideas, and storys helpful. If you have a lesson you’d like to share or an idea I should follow up on, contact me and share your thoughts. My writing journey has been a long one, starting with a dream and continuing through my professional development in the early childhood field. I love science fiction and fantasy, but writing is a long and lonely process. You’re welcome to join me on my journey thorugh the writing blog or on twitter. As with every writer, hearing that you appreciate my work keeps me going. Thank you for visiting. I hope to see you again soon.