We were fortunate enough to have eight Mock Newbery books donated to the school to allow the third through sixth grade classes to participate in the Mock Newbery experience. The initial lesson included a presentation outlining the main stories we’ll be comparing and what our criteria for comparison are. These books were chosen by a committee that read many books over the past year to decide which are most noteworthy using that same criteria.

More importantly at the beginning of this project, we’re talking about what we are looking for in a story. Not everyone needs to read every book to ensure that we can vote, so we need to think about what makes us choose the books we want to read. We only have three months! Let’s get reading.

We’re drawing on our persuasive speaking skills practiced earlier in our fiction unit to remember how to persuade our friends to vote for a book we loved.¬†How did they match up against our expectations? How did they meet the criteria set forth in the Mock Newbery criteria. Hm. Things to think about while we read.

I think we’ve chosen something for every reader. To read along with us, we’ve focused on these books: