A quick update before I head out for the weekend:

The world is a big place, and sometimes it’s hard to wrap our heads around the differences people on this single planet experience in a day. It’s spring in North America, but fall in South America and Africa. We started a pen-pal letter with a friend in a country where it is raining, but here we have beautiful sunshine.

We live in a big world. STEM projects with a globe and a couple choice media options make an impact.

Step one to creating an understanding of the cause and effect nature of climate might just look like a spinning globe. Combining an age appropriate story and a physical object like a globe help bring home the lesson: Living Global.

Take the time to let the children explore. They can find where they live and then what’s exactly opposite that location. What is half way around the world?

Add a flashlight for day and night discussion. What else can they imagine? Just ask. I’m certain that the children will come up with something exceptionally creative to share.