When we think about being a school librarian we often think of the children. That’s what we got in the librarian game for if we’re school librarians. We want to provide excellent content. We want to give them just the right book for their interests or to stretch their reading skills just enough. Just that developmentally appropriate, Vygotsky-friendly amount. Maybe it was to stick it to the system and get book into the school that the children really want to read.

Sure we have to catalog and put stickers on things. We shelve and change displays.

But don’t forget the teachers. Not everyone will search the database for a book for a special occasion. Not everyone knows they can search for a book supporting empathy beyond a single “fill a bucket” story. We need to support teachers to help them find diverse books that cover topics they have already used the same book to teach the last three years.

So I made a separate excel sheet and made it more prominent in the share folder. I’m printing out a current hard copy once a semester to ensure they are up-to-date and that there is a hard copy. You know there needs to be a hard copy. This isn’t Star Trek.

This social and emotional specific spreadsheet has several pages. It has an additional space for notes and year published, if the discussion is intentional or if it is secondary to the plot (i.e. if you can sneak it into curriculum withouthaving a special discussion on the topic). My current spreadsheet has a page for feelings (picture books), feelings (chapter books), curriculum topics, graphic novels, and more. Contact me through the webform if you would like a copy of what I have so far.