J.L. Forrest Edited Alien Abduction: Short fiction on the themes of alien abduction includes a familiar face: me! I wrote “Dissident” the third chapter in this little gem. Check it out!

Herein you’ll find thought-provoking, wondrous, hopeful, frightening, and deeply human tales on the themes of alien and abduction. Such stories have been with us far longer than most realize, perhaps for thousands of years, challenging humankind’s very position in the cosmos. Their power is perennial, and here we have eleven of the best. Alien Abduction features short fiction by A.J. Lavender, Amanda Kespohl, Erica Ruppert, Kari Ann Ramadorai, J.L. Forrest, and others. Watch for strange lights in the sky. Beware the standing stones and hollow hills. Prepare to commune.

Alien Abduction Stories

Whoohoo! These are the stories. These are the folks 🙂