This is fun! Don’t judge me by my bookmarks. Thinking Critically about Environments for Young Children, edited by Lisa P. Kuh, ¬†is a combination of several articles outlining the legacies of thinkers who created our view of childhood and various ways to bring experiences and connect the children’s learning potential and outcomes to their prepared and natural environments.

Immersive happenings and child-led experiences are key to the articles in this book. There is also a full reproduction of “No Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothing,” the lesson on resiliency and reclaiming outdoor play as they do in Nordic countries. A definitely good read and useful to people who want to take action in the children’s experiences¬†of their environments. However, this book is largely theory, not tips for instituting changes. This collection of essays discusses why we should have more natural environments, how that relates to Montessori, Dewey, and Reggio experiences, and how the effects will change the class.