Reading about writing, listening to podcasts about writing…reading what I’ve written.

Welcome back to me!

I revved myself up with a stroll through the archives of some of the podcasts I used to listen to (over a year ago), but that I had given up to focus on NAEYC materials and Early Childhood webinars. The first thing that struck me with this re-introduction was that there are many, many people out there looking to write for profit. I have no such illusion though there is always the dream that I can write well enough to attract an audience that will pay for editing. With this large population out there writing great books and hustling, there’s an ocean of voices trying to be heard. Being a stand-out might take some of the tactics spoken about in the marketing and writing podcasts, but the first – the most important – advice is just write.

Whether you’re looking to sent a handful of copies indie-style or trying to find an agent, the goal won’t be reached by listening to podcasts or by writing about your writing process. There has to be a book or collection of short stories. Nobody’s a one-hit wonder. Every “original voice” essay that makes it to national attention has a laundry list of attempts behind it.

Finishing a story is step five, anyway, follow through and you’ll feel great. Then you’ll edit and really question your choices. But once the editing is done and you have something you feel up to sharing, you’ll feel great again. So what are you doing reading this post? Get out there and write!