New way to look at my blog

As you know, I work in education. My hobby, writing, is something I hope to grow into over time. I call it a hobby because the time and money I put into writing at this point moves around my day job and does not break even in book sales. So what’s an early childhood educator to do? Well, I’m going to do a better job keeping up my blog and add affiliate links to see if I can help suppliment this educator’s income.

I almost never talk about what I’m reading and writing directly. I allude to it, but I will start not only talking about the resources I’m using, but I’ll be linking to them. I realized that I support some of my favorite artists on Patreon and when I went looking for some formatting software I stopped in at my favorite writing podcast and used her affiliate links to help her out. I want these artists and information spreader’s to keep going, so I want to support them in the small ways that I can.

I hope you understand. I want you to trust what I say, and when I recommend something that means I use it and like it. I’m not trying to pull one over on you, but to add a few passive-income pennies to the pot to support my family and the purchases I make to write curriculum and share.