Kari Ann Ramadorai in the sun on the first fully bright day before summer.Today is lovely. The sun shines, the sky offers blue instead of clouds. Roses are blooming.

Today I got two rejections.

Which one do you think I focused on while walking? Neither, really. It’s the stories I thought about. The stories have to move forward. The people who want to read them are out there and the venues to shift the re-centered story to are many. Keep writing friends. Someone will see the value and have the ability to publish at the same time. I thought had perfected one story, and then realized that I had the ability to do better. Maybe the character was wrong. Maybe the writing wasn’t shining a light on the entire world i had created for this short story. Maybe the oomph wasn’t oomph-y enough. There’s always an opportunity to improve or to move forward with something else when stuck.