What’s Montessori Library?

This is our first week of school, and I’m a Montessori school librarian, specializing in early childhood. What does Montessori have to do with it? The majority of Montessori students are in the...

We Work Together

Planning is the name of the game as Washington schools come back to start the new year. Teacher back-to-business week brings a great opportunity to collaborate and to invigorate the teachers a...

Writing Talk in the Library

i admit it. We mixed worlds a little in the final month of library classes. I structured our curriculum to cover the final four classes of the year, and we dug into a topic close to my heart. We did...

Winding down

Teaching these Kindergartners and primary students has been a pleasure. I've learned so much from them and we've had fun all around. The yearbook has pictures of dancing, singing, field trips to the...

Librarian to the teachers

When we think about being a school librarian we often think of the children. That's what we got in the librarian game for if we're school librarians. We want to provide excellent content. We want to...

Come for the Science (fiction) and stay for the library

This is where I run the parallel lives: SFF writer and early childhood librarian.

I strongly believe in the early introduction of science to children. Maybe its the Montessori in me. With early acclimatization to terminology and concepts, hands on activities, and a song or two, I believe we can bring more children to scientific literacy by the end of high school. We know that reading at grade level by third year allows children to continue with their peers through the rest of their schooling career, so why not include scientific literacy in that reading? C’mon! It’ll be fun.

On the Science Fiction and Fantasy writing side, I’m a space nut and herding fairies. Like most things in this rainbow-chasing world, this doesn’t come easy but I love it. I’m in for the long haul. This year I’m editing and finalizing two series to prepare for 2018 realeases.


KariAnn may be a new author to the indie scene, but she is no stranger to great character-driven tension. The world-building in ‘Olivia’s Field’ is where KariAnn shines. She does a fabulous job creating a vivid ‘otherworld’ full of detail and life. Olivia is a caring and ambitious character with depth and she is nicely contracted with Varic, the stoic Faerie who acts as Olivia’s guide.

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Kari Ann Ramadorai

Kari Ann RamadoraiKari Ann is a Seattle creativity junkie, and science enthusiast. Cloudy days and rainy evenings suit her, so the Pacific Northwest is now home. Kari Ann’s parallel paths in bringing science to early childhood communities and to expand fiction in our society comes to a head in the libraries. The language of stories is universal. Providing auxiliary experiences on a weekly basis and ensuring educators have media and associated materials they need to bring science and sci-art to young children.

She spends many a-day in an elementary school library spreading book-centered enthusiasm. She cares for aging and ailing horses in her off-hours, chickens, and misses her llamas.

She has written short stories for Robot Cowgirl, 444 Project, and is author of the Olivia’s Field urban fantasy series, and the Trojan War space cycle.